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Welcome to Alternate Universe @ Guardian Games


If you are making an order in the store, please use the login on the green sign at the bottom left corner of the monitor.


Can't find the card you're looking for?  We might have it in one of our cases or binders.  Please let us know and we'll try to help you find it.


Reminder online store contains COMMONS/UNCOMMONS.  Most RARES will be in either binders or in the case and will not be in the online stock.  

Coming some day (maybe):

Board games

Pokemon Singles

YuGiOh Singles


We are here to answer your questions and concerns.  Just find one of those handsome folks in the black shirts.

If you attempt to order more than a playset of a card, your entire order may be refunded.  Please leave some for others. 

All Orders must be picked up at Guardian Games within 48 hours of Order.  Card prices will be adjusted to reflect current Market Price at time of pick up.